Engine Pre-Heater Systems

Pre-heating a competition engine before it is used under load is essential. In the past the only way to bring the engine up to optimum operation temperature has been to "run it up" under its own power, but this creates unnecessary wear and tear and uses up valuable engine life.
Now, following research by its design team, Earl's Performance Products has developed a solution to this problem - Earl's Engine Pre-heater System. The pre-heater system raises the coolant temperature from ambient to 80°C without having to the run the engine! (Time dependant on engine coolant capacity and engine design. Example: A1GP car from ambient to start tempertature in less than 20 mins)

Supplied in a lightweight aluminium case, the Engine Pre-Heater System includes a set of female weld bosses to be attached to the water rails either side of the engine. The bosses need to be located in accessible areas to allow easy coupling and decoupling of the dry break fittings supplied. Pro-Lite feed and return hoses then connect the thermostatically controlled 200v AC heater/pump unit, contained in the case, to the engine. When the system is switched, on the coolant is circulated and heated until it reaches its optimum temperature. The engine need not be started until this time. The pre-heater system can be activated using a timer switch - not supplied - heating the engine before the team mechanics arrive.

This type of system is commonly used in F1, A1GP, F3, Sportscars, World Rally and many other categories. Earl's Engine Pre-Heater System now makes this engine-preserving technology accessible to all levels of motor sport.

Pro 1 Pre-Heater System components
1 x Pro-Lite™ pre-assembled feed hose
1 x Pro-Lite™ pre-assembled return hose
2 x female -8 weld bosses
2 x -8 quick disconnect dry breaks
1 x pre-primed 220v AC 2.7kW thermostatic heater/pump unit
1 x lightweight aluminium case

Pro 2 Pre-Heater System components
As Pro 1 but supplied with no-spillage Staubli quick disconnect dry breaks

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