Anti Seize Paste

Copper Anti-Seize

This versatile product is a general purpose copper paste that lubricates, resists seizing and galling and helps defend against galvanic attack. This product also prevents excessive wear and corrosion. Earl's copper–graphite anti–seize can be used on softer metals such as copper and brass, including plastics and non–metallic gaskets. It also allows studs, bolts flanges and gaskets to be removed more easily. Comes in a 4 0z. can with an attached brush in the lid.

Part Number: DO25


Nickel-Graphite Anti-Seize

Earl's nickel–graphite anti–seize is a high temperature resistant anti–seize paste that lubricatesduring assembly, providing protection againstseizing, galling and excessive wear even in the most adverse conditions. This versatile lubrication can be used in automotive, marine and aircraft applications. Nickel is a hard metal that keeps surfaces apart so this product is particularly well suited for applications that involve the use of different metals such as brass to steel. Comes in a 4 oz. can with a brush attached in the lid.

Part Number:DO26



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