Banjo Bolts

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Metric Aluminium
Part Number Thd. Size Color Length
9775M12 10x1.5mm Blue 25mm
9775M14 14x1.5mm Red n/a
9775M1425-33 14x1.25mm Red 33mm
9775M16 16x1.5mm Red n/a
9775M18 18x1.5mm Red n/a
9775M20 20x1.5mm Red n/a
9775M22 22x1.5mm Red n/a
9975315R 10x1.25mm Red 20mm
9975317B 10x1mm Blue 20mm
9975317R 10x1mm Red 20mm
997591 12x1.25mm Blue n/a
997592 12x1.5mm Blue n/a

Metric Stainless
Part Number Thd. Size Length
9775915 10x1.25mm 25mm
9775917 10x1mm 25mm
992-2-21C 8x1mm n/a
992-2-22C 8x1.25mm n/a
992-3-21C 8x1mm (10mmShoulder) n/a
992-3-31SC 10x1mm 18mm
9975915 10x1.25mm 20mm
9975917 10x1mm 20mm
9975918 10x1.25mm Dbl 31mm
997519 10x1mm Dbl 31mm
(Washers Sold Separately)
Metric Steel
Part Number Thd. Size Color Length
597515 10x1.25mm Silver 20mm
597517 10x1mm Silver 20m
597518 10x1.25mm Dbl Silver 31mm
597519 10x1mm Dbl Silver 31mm
977515 10x1.25mm Gold 25mm
9775317 10x1mm Gold 25mm
977518 10x1.25mm Dbl Gold 38mm
977519 10x1mm Dbl Gold 38mm
977520 10x1.5mm Gold 25mm
9992-02-22P M8 Gold n/a
992-04-M121P 12x1mm Gold 27mm
992-04-M121P 12x1mm Gold 31mm
992-04-M122P 12x1.25mm Gold n/a
992-06-m12P 12x1.5mm Gold n/a
992-2-21P 8x1mm Gold n/a
992-3-21P 8x1mm (10mmShoulder) Gold n/a
992-3-22P 8x1.25mm(10mmShoulder) Gold n/a
992-M121P 12x1mm Gold 27mm
992-M12P 12x1.5mm Gold n/a
992-M14P 14x1.5mm Gold n/a
9975115 10x1.25mm Chrome 20mm
9975117 10x1mm Chrome 20mm
9975118 10x1.25mmDbl Chrome 31mm
9975119 10x1mm Dbl Chrome 31mm
997515 10x1.25mm Gold 20mm
997517 10x1mm Gold 20mm
997518 10x1.25mm Dbl Gold 31mm
997519 10x1mm Gold 20mm
997520 10x1.5mm Gold 20mm

(Washers Sold Separately)

Imperial Aluminium
Part Number Thd. Size Color Length
977522 7/16" UNF Red 25mm
9775303 3/8" UNF Red 25mm
9775304 7/16" UNF Red 25mm
9975303 3/8" UNF Red 20mm
9975313 3/8" UNF Dbl Red 31mm

Imperial Stainless
Part Number Thd. Size Length
9975903 3/8" UNF 25mm
9975904 7/16" UNF 25mm
9775922 7/16" UNF n/a
9775944 7/16" UNF Dbl n/a
9975903 3/8" UNF 20mm
9975904 7/16" UNF 20mm
9975913 3/8" UNF Dbl 31mm
(Washers Sold Separately)
Imperial Steel
Part Number Thd. Size Color Length
597503 3/8" UNF Silver 20mm
597513 3/8" UNF Dbl Silver 31mm
977502 5/16" UNF Gold n/a
977503 3/8" UNF Gold 25mm
977504 7/16" UNF Gold 25mm
9775103 3/8" UNF Chrome 25mm
9775122 7/16" UNF Chrome 25mm
977513 3/8" UNF Dbl Gold 38mm
977514 7/16" UNF Dbl Gold 38mm
997503 3/8" UNF Gold 20mm
997504 7/16" UNF Gold 20mm
9975103 3/8" UNF Chrome 20mm
997513 3/8" UNF Dbl Gold 31mm

(Washers Sold Separately)


Brake Light Switches
Part Number Thread Size
BS997517 10x1 mm
BS997515 10x1.25 mm
BS997503 3/8" UNF
Available in zinc plated mild steel, these ingenious single banjo bolts have an integral brake pressure switch and come complete with connecting wires. Suitable for custom and race applications.

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