Speed-Flex™ 600 Hose - For use with Speed-Seal™ and Swage hose ends

The use of stainless braid protected teflon brake hose assemblies will result in a firmer brake pedal, improved brake pedal “feel” and better brake modulation.

Since brake actuation produces high pressure with very little fluid displacement, we recommend -2 & -3 SPEED-FLEX™ for brake systems. Clutch actuation, on the other hand, requires moderate pressure but considerable displacement of fluid. For hydraulic clutch systems we recommend the use of -4 SPEED-FLEX™.

In recent years various fuel manufacturers have added any number of new unpublished additives to their blends rendering some of them incompatible with synthetic rubber lined hose. Earl’s Speed-Flex™ Teflon™ lined stainless braided hose is impervious to any automotive fuel blend known to us and may be the best choice for use with modern racing fuels. All SPEED-FLEX™ hoses are compatible with petrol, hydrocarbon fuels, alcohols, nitro-methane, mineral and synthetic lubricants, and high density fuel additives. Size 6 and 8 are carbon lined to dissipate static electricity.

Speed FlexTM600 Hose  
Hose Size Internal Diameter Maximum Operating Pressure (PSI) Part Number
-2 0.08" -2.03mm 2000 600002
-3 0.13" - 3.17mm 2000 600003
-4 0.19" - 4.83mm 2000 600004
-6 0.34" - 8.64mm 1500 600006
-8 0.56" - 14.22mm 1000 600008

covered hose -3
Clear Carbon Look Black Red Blue Translucent Blue Green Yellow Purple
1/8" =
2000PSI 500003CL 500003CA 500003BK 500003RD 500003BU 500003TB 500003GR 500003YL 500003PL

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