SUPER-STOCK™ HOSE - For use with Super-Stock™ Hose Ends

Earl’s SUPER STOCK™ hose is a high quality synthetic rubber hose reinforced by a full coverage interior braided fabric sheath. This superior replacement hose for original equipment applications has found favor with professional racing teams and street performers alike. Available in blue or black SUPER STOCK™ is rated at 250 psi and 250° F. continuous service. To prevent collapse in suction service or for very tight bends, we can supply an internal spiral reinforcing wire . Suitable for fuel, oil and water.

The inner support spring is to be used with Super Stock™ Hose to prevent collapse when in suction service or when very tight bends must be made. It may also be used with other types of hose where it’s determined that these conditions may occur.

4ft. Length
Size - 10| Part No. - 770410ERL
Size - 12| Part No. - 770412ERL

Hose Size AN Internal Diameter Maximum Operating Pressure(PSI) * Minimum Bend Radius Bulk Part No.
-4 1/4" - .25" - 6.35mm 250 2.5" 780004ERL    
-6 3/8" - .38" - 9.65mm 250 3" 780006ERL    
-8 1/2" - .5" - 12.70mm 250 5" 780008ERL    
-10 5/8" - .63" - 16mm 250 6" 780010ERL    
-12 3/4" - .75"- 19.05mm 250 7" 780012ERL    
Super Stock™ hose is intended for use with Super Stock™ hose ends only. It is also for use with hose nipples and beaded tubing.
No other Earl’s hose ends are intended for use with Super Stock™ hose.
NOTE: Earl's reserves the right to substitute hose of comparable or improved quality.

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