SPEEDFLEXTM Brakeline Kits for Motorcycles

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Earl’s preassembled braided stainless steel brake & clutch lines not only look good, they reduce system corrosion and provide the user with a reassuringly responsive braking system, eliminating the “spongey” feel often found with original manufacturers’ rubber hoses.

Earl’s Speed-Flex™ brake lines can be supplied as individual components from our range of reusable fittings, enabling hose systems to be assembled by the customer, or as complete ready-to-fit assemblies.

Our swaged Speed-Flex™ brake line kits offer a slimline lightweight fitting manufactured from high grade mild steel or stainless steel swaged onto stainless steel braided hose and featuring an extruded Teflon™ inner, and come complete with all copper crush washers. They are available in a choice of clear or coloured protective outer covering.

When ordering, it will help you to know the exact year of manufacture and full model designation of your vehicle, the number of individual lines in the braking system, and any modifications which have changed thread sizes or the routing of hoses on the braking system. You decide the material for the end fittings:

zinc-plated mild steel fittings have some degree of corrosion resistance,
but eventually will corrode just like the manufacturer’s original fittings;

chrome-plated steel fittings are less prone to corrosion,
but require cleaning and polishing from time to time;

stainless steel is the ideal fit-and-forget material, recommended for year-round use;

aluminium alloy (with its distinctive coloured anodised coating) is lightweight and attractive but is intended for racing, so care should be taken to prevent salt corrosion from road use.

Once you’ve decided how many lines you need, and chosen a material for the end fittings, look up the part number from the
table below. For swaged brake lines (available only with zinc plated or stainless steel fittings) prefix an S, e.g. SBK-FL, SBK-1.
(Dealers, workshops & racing teams should ask about our self-assembly workshop kits and parts service.) Whatever material
you specify, you’ll always get the performance benefits associated with Earl’s Performance Products.

We supply a vast number of brake line kits, however sometimes there are instances where we may not have a specification for your vehicle. If this is the case, Earl's are willing to give big discounts to customers who send their original hoses for us to replicate.

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